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Yes, giving an email adress as a graphics file is nonsense.

Yes, giving an email adress as a graphics file is inconvenient for the user.

I beg your pardon for this inconvenience. There is a reason for it, however. When I tried to contact the photographers, who contribute pictures to my Shasta Route article, I hit all kind of obstacles:

All in all, I needed far more time to contact the photographers, than to convince them of my project. What used to be a work of hours 10 years ago, contacting a large number of people, is a work of weeks now. This is, what spammers have done to the usability of the Net. People try to adapt to the floods of junkmail.

My own site receives several hundred MB of spam per year, with sharply rising tendency. Nobody has ever considered such nonsense as graphical email adresses, before the Net was hit by spam robots.

At least, I want to put down email adresses in this article, that are valid for contact for a longer time. So I choose to do nonsense, as the least bad solution.