Illogical behaviour of males, common version
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Hüllhorst? Are you serious?

What can have happened, if males suddenly behave in a completely illogical fashion?

Tandem cycling with a special tandem and an old lady.

Moving to some of the most boring places in this universe, despite the capability, gained in many years, to describe the elements of boredom in every little detail? Main street, a few shops, roundabout, school, a village square for the drunken offspring of the locals, nightlife by cruising tuned compact cars, station far away, last bus at 7 pm. You won't want to be buried here. Okay, getting buried here doesn't hurt, but at least, there is no reason to show up too early for the burial.

Old lady on the front seat of a special tandem.

What's the excuse for my behaviour? There isn't any. Of course, it's the same old story: All of sudden, a man leaves behind flat and job, refuses to contribute a major share to the GDP, and instead, prefers tandem cycling with a sexy bunny. Of course, he'll swear that he has to take care of that girl the whole day, and all the other ever-repeated nonsense.