A letter to Scandlines

June 1st, 2002: A letter to Scandlines

The published document was a double language letter: German text, English attachment, this attachment containing a list of travel times. The letter was written after a conference in Berlin, where I had talked to the late Mr. Rendbæk, head of Scandlines back then. I had expressed serious doubt about the travel times, which were the basis of concepts published by the Scandlines shipping line.

I didn't change the content, so the web document uses two languages as well.

Regarding the travel time chart, readers have asked me, how a ferry shunting system can possibly win 15 minutes. My answer: In comparison to operation with Danish IC3, such system looses 5 minutes. 20 minutes are won by access to the Berlin city tunnel, 5 minutes are lost in the harbour, result: 15 minutes gained. Loosing only 5 minutes in the harbours needs a major effort – no such system currently exists.

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