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Talgo overnighter equipment

The fastest overnighters in Europe, like the "Francisco de Goya" Madrid - Paris, use Talgo equipment. The delivered carriages include

When the Talgo cars were developed, an anti-noise package was offered to the Spanish RENFE, but not accepted due to cost reasons. The prototype for this option is still running in a Spanish train.

Floor plan of comfort sleeper
The Talgo comfort sleeper features private restrooms with shower for every compartment.

Economy sleeper 
Economy sleeper with washbasin, but restroom at end of car

Talgo couchette
The Euro-style cheap couchette accomodation, found in Spanish Talgo trains.

DB Nachtzug car with "Kajuete" berths
Modern copy of Milwaukee Road's "Touralux", used by Deutsche Bahn AG.

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