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Notes about using this document

This article is my first attempt at Hypertext and HTML. If you detect any usage problem, especially with exotic portable devices or braille lines, which the author cannot use for testing, please drop me a note.

Metric units are official US units, but nonetheless, readers might not be familiar with them. As my version of the least bad solution, I use traditional units in the text, and add footer tables with conversions.
Looking at the amount of work for a less than perfect result, I think that metric units are a really great idea.

Both railway companies and government agencies are known to filter scripts at their firewalls for security reasons. This article has the same content on any computer.

The author isn't a native speaker of English. As a result, this text might sound foreign to readers. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

A high percentage of pictures is taken either from sites with high quality railway pictures, or from sites with additional information about the subject. Links to these sites are provided with the copyright notice below each of the picture magnifications. It might be worthwile to follow these links. There is a good chance, that you prefer some of those great views to my boring text.

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