Writing about railroad operation in America is certainly impossible without the help of Americans. But the support for this piece of work hasn't been restricted to one continent.

Thank you all.

At first place, Thomas White needs to get mentioned, for suggesting to write this little article, and for not accepting my excuse, that I can't write HTML.
Yes, little. That's what he suggested. Maybe the result does not fit exactly, but that's life.

Then my best wishes go to misc.transport.rail.americas. To those, who helped with information and links, and especially to those, who helped to understand some of my errors.

Outside of Usenet News, there was the friendly help of professionals, wether employed by a government or as a local train crew member.

When I started writing this text, I was very sceptical, because I had no chance to illustrate it. I didn't know about the overwhelming support of photographers - in Austria, France, Germany, Newzealand, Spain, USA... I tell you: It is a small planet with helpful citizens.

And finally, the "inhabitants" of de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.misc and de.comm.infosystems.www.pages.misc have to receive my "thank you", for answering the questions of a HTML newbie.

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