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Here you find all the work, which wasn't written for one of the bigger projects.

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The first page is called: "Me as a foamer - first try". It describes passenger rail traffic on a branch line close to the author's home village, with several photos, and was written in June 2003.

The second one is rather old: Von ultimativen Antworten und anderen Blähungen – eine Tirade. Wie Marketingfachkräfte mit der Hypersprache downhillmäßig herumbiken.

I wrote this article for the magazine "aktiv Radfahren" ("active bicycling") in 1991. This was a rant about language usage in marketing, and journalism closely related to marketing. No English version available.

Eurostat and the Modal Split
A note regarding "Energy and Transport in Figures", published by the EU commission. Unfortunately, USA comparison data is not comparable.
Reactivation of the "Haller Willem"
The reactivation of this rural railroad line for passenger traffic has been performed at low cost. My text describes the circumstances, and the costs for various elements of the reactivation.