MAN TGA 32.413 8x4

Dump truck is loaded on a field.

MAN TGA 32.413 8x4, gross weight 32000 kg, empty weight 13835 kg. Wheelbase is 5700mm (1795mm + 2505mm + 1400mm). Turning circle diameter at the wheel is 18.1m, overall turning circle 19.9m. European laws allow generous bridge weights, accepting higher construction and maintenance costs. Federal bridge law in the USA would restrict this truck to a gross weight of 24494 kg, while the same truck with a longer wheelbase may be heavier.

Most of the EU countries set tight restrictions elsewhere: Trucks have to turn within a circle area described by a 12.5m radius outside, 5.3m inside. This saves construction costs in built-up areas. USA laws are more relaxed in this respect. In many states, common practice in the old days was laying out streets for an u-turn with team and wagon, creating generous space even in small towns.

Reason for the different appearance of trucks in the USA and Europe are different concepts of cost cutting in road construction, which were followed by different laws.

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