Selected postings to Usenet News

My decision has been, that I won't allow archiving of my Usenet postings beyond the normal temporary availability on newsservers. This page will give readers access to a selection.

The special guest list of the 1936 steamtrain speed record. (March 26th, 2004)

On May 11th, 1936, the world speed record for steam was broken by a train, which would have deserved a big bomb instead.

A loco for the Cascades Talgo. (February 22nd, 2005)

The current locos for the tilting train "Cascades Talgo" restrict it to the curve speed of untilted trains in Europe. How to develop a solution.

Monthly or yearly tickets. (October 6th, 2005)

Costs of rail transit are lowered by a high share of such tickets.