The Shasta Route

Connecting Oregon and California by Passenger Rail
Overview and suggestions by Hans-Joachim Zierke

Table of Contents

  1. Index of Annotations.
  2. Introduction and first considerations
  1. If you are familiar with the details of railroad operation in both the USA and Europe, you are encouraged to skip the next two parts. If not, you can skip first, read on, and return, as soon as you are irritated by the numbers given. Probability is high.
  2. One effect, many reasons - this makes change difficult.
  1. Back to the Shasta route: Developing the assumptions about technical data, a process with major influence on results.
  2. Preparing and performing the first part of calculations.
  3. At this point, conclusions about Natron Cutoff service are advisable.
  4. Preparing the second part of calculations, changing direction to the Siskiyou range.
  5. Performing the second part of calculations.
  1. Importance and improbability of rail transit in the Rogue Valley.
    The described transit system is not implementable under current federal regulations. Therefore, readers can skip this part.
  1. Preparing and performing the third part of calculations, along the track from Ashland to Roseburg.

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Last modified: 2005-10-28